air dusters Small portable dust collector: the perfect cleaning solution

Small portable dust collector: the perfect cleaning solution

In today’s fast-paced world, keeping your surroundings clean and tidy has become a necessity. Whether it’s our personal space or a professional environment, cleanliness plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy and productive lifestyle. One of the key aspects of cleanliness is the effective removal of dust and dirt particles from various surfaces. Introducing Shenzhen Maizhan Technology Co., Ltd.’s small portable dust collector, a revolutionary product that simplifies your daily cleaning tasks.

Shenzhen Maizhan Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading R&D, production and sales company focusing on wireless chargers and smartphone peripheral accessories. Founded in 2015, the company quickly became a market leader in providing innovative and high-quality products. They have a 1,500 square meter production base in Shenzhen and their commitment to excellence is evident in every product they offer.

Compact, lightweight, small portable dust collectors are a game changer for the cleaning industry. This handheld vacuum cleaner measures only 430.5*105*56.3mm and weighs only 493g. It is an easy to carry tool. Whether you’re at home, in the office or on the go, this portable dust blower is the perfect companion for quick and efficient cleanup.

This small portable dust collector features a powerful motor that operates at 78,000 RPM, ensuring excellent performance. With 13,000Pa suction power, it easily removes dust and dirt particles from various surfaces, leaving them spotless. The clear dust cup features a filter, allowing you to monitor cleaning progress and conveniently dispose of collected debris.

2000mAh battery capacity ensures a long-lasting cleaning experience. This portable dust blower has a rated power of 90W and a rated voltage of 10.8V=, which is highly efficient and energy-saving. The Type-C interface provides a convenient charging option, and a Type-C data cable is included in the package for worry-free charging. The small portable dust blower also comes with a variety of accessories such as a slot suction head, a brush suction head, and a dust blower head, which enhances its versatility.

The execution standard of this product is called G standard, which guarantees the highest quality and safety. Shenzhen Maizhan Technology Co., Ltd. takes pride in providing products that meet industry standards and exceed customer expectations. The instruction manual provided with the small portable dust blower provides comprehensive guidance on the use of the product and is suitable for people of all ages.

Whether you need to clean your computer keyboard, car interior, or other hard-to-reach areas, a small portable dust blower is your go-to cleaning solution. Its fast and efficient cleaning capabilities make it suitable for both personal and professional use. Say goodbye to traditional cleaning methods and embrace the convenience of this innovative product.

To sum up, the small portable dust blower of Shenzhen Maizhan Technology Co., Ltd. is a revolutionary product that provides convenient, efficient and effective results in cleaning. With its compact design, powerful motor and versatile accessories, this portable dust collector is a must-have for anyone who wants to simplify their cleaning routine. Embrace the future of clean technology and choose a small portable dust collector for a spotless, hygienic environment.

Post time: Sep-16-2023